Building Details

Bergey Wind Turbine

Installed: 2001

Mounted 100ft above the ground, the 10 kw Bergey turbine is easily one of the most recognizable aspects of campus seen from miles in every direction. Located between the CSD building and Island School, the turbine is mounted on a tiltable tower which allows us to do yearly maintenance, as well as lower the turbine in case of storms approaching with expected wind speeds greater than 134 mph.

During the winter months, the wind turbine is responsible for 30% of our total renewable energy production. The benefit of wind over solar power is the availability of production during nighttime hours. However, solar photovoltaic has recently become very inexpensive relative to wind.

Production kilowatts over the past 24 hours
Windspeed over the past 24 hours
Production kilowatthours over the past 7 days