Building Details

Anderson-Cabot Hall for Graduate Studies

Opened: 2016

With the capacity to house up to 40 students, this building allows all of CEI’s interns and graduate students to stay on campus, and become fully immersed in the campus community. Anderson-Cabot hall is the first higher education facility built to support local and international graduate students in the Bahamas.

Anderson-Cabot hall was built using framework from The Living Building Challenge, the most stringent building standards for sustainable building design and construction. Only 11 buildings in the world have achieved this certification. Some requirements for certification are that the building must be a net exporter of energy and water, and be built from locally available materials.

Anderson-Cabot hall currently has cisterns with capacity of 60,000 gallons, and an energy consumption rate of .5 kwh/resident/day.

Load kilowatts over the past 24 hours
Load kilowatthours over the past 7 days