Building Details

Wege Center for Sustainable Fisheries

Opened: 2006

The wet lab is located a short distance from CEI dorms and features a fully redundant, flow through seawater system as well as a recirculating freshwater system. All tanks have access to the wet lab air system for oxygenation.

The 31.2 kilowatt building integrated photovoltaic array is a component of the first grid connected renewable energy system in the history of The Bahamas. The inauguration of this project marked the culmination of five years of effort by CEI to develop a working partnership with Bahamas Electricity Corporation, Ministry of Energy and Environment, and the Office of the Prime Minister. CEI is proud to be able to showcase this national achievement and is presently sharing data with these agencies as a pilot project for facilitating a more sustainable energy future.

Load and Production kilowatts over the past 24 hours
Load and Production kilowatthours over the past 7 days