Building Details

Woodshop and Biodiesel Lab

Opened: 2003

The woodshop building was originally constructed in 2002 and functioned as the woodshop. Cordwood and glass bottles are mixed with lime mortar, making this one of the most unique building on campus. The rooftop garden absorbs rainwater and helps keep the building cooler during the day. The structure of the woodshop and biodiesel facility is made from local cement mortar and casuarina, an invasive species of hardwood that has become problematic in the Bahamas. Expansion of the woodshop was completed in 2014.

The biodiesel facility currently produces between over 10,000 gallons of biodiesel per year in 150 gallon batches. The majority of the biodiesel is made from cooking oil supplied by cruise ships docking at Princess Cays, with the rest being collected from restaurants on Eleuthera. The organization's fleet of vehicles run on B100 (100% biodiesel) fuel produced at this facility. The biodiesel program at the Island School began as a student research project in the fall of 2002, and is now perhaps the most successful sustainable initiative underway at the Island School.

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