Building Details

Faculty Apartments

Opened: 2003 & 2010

Two building accommodations are provided on site for faculty members, including 18 bedrooms in 8 separate apartments. The first apartment ('The Whaleshark') was opened in 2003 and the second, The Carter Family Siegel Family Leadership Hall was opened in 2010.

A 2.6 kilowatt solar array provides shading for a parking structure for four vehicles. The array is composed of 20 130-watt panels, providing sufficient energy for both buildings during peak sun hours. The school's electric vehicle has it's charging station under the array, and adds to the load of the buildings.

Both buildings sit upon cisterns with approximately 37,000 gallons of fresh water storage, dedicated solely to the two apartment buildings. The two cisterns are of sufficient size to provide 100% of the water demand for both buildings. Each building has two 50-gallon solar thermal hot water heaters.

Load kilowatts over the past 24 hours
Load kilowatthours over the past 7 days