Building Details

Hallig House

Opened: 2012

Built with the generous support of many donors including Bobbie Hallig, Hallig House is the hallmark of CEI's campus, showcasing the belief that we can reduce our impact on our environment and live more responsibly in a place. Hallig House is an opportunity to model the balance between design, responsibility, and function, and to engage visitors of all ages into thinking about how built spaces can reflect our values about community, the environment, and inspire creative thinking. Hallig house contains six, two-bed apartments each with their own full bath, a landlord’s suite, and 1,200 common area used for everything from a classroom to a setting social gatherings.

Water is collected off of rooftops and stored in two subterranean cisterns, with a total storage capacity of 45,000 gallons. Electricity is generated via fourteen, 235 watt photovoltaic panels, for a total rated capacity of 3.2 kilowatts. Hallig house is a net exporter of both energy and water.

Load and Production kilowatts over the past 24 hours
Load and Production kilowatthours over the past 7 days